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Bryan De Grineau – original paintings

Two interesting, small, original watercolur/pencil paintings by Brayn De Grineau, depicting a Schneider Trophy record plane and a high speed power boat.

Both signed and dated by De Grineau 1931.

Condition of both is a bit tatty/grubby, but well worth collecting.

Size : 7.5″ x 5.5″

Price : £

Bryan de Grineau is the UK motoring artist who always seems to be less appreciated and undervalued compared to his contemporary rival, Gordon Crosby.  Crosby worked for The Autocar and de Grineau for The Motor. Bryan de Grineau was born Charles William Grineau on the 11th May 1883 and was the son of a well known illustrator and caricaturist Charles Grineau (1852 – 1899). who used the pseudonym Alfred Bryan. Alfred Bryan was quite successful in his time and worked for popular magazines such as The Hornet, Judy and Moonshine and there are collections of his work at The National Portrait Gallery and Brighton Art Gallery. It is believed that Bryan de Grineau studied under his father and did not receive any formal art training. In an article he wrote in The Motor (22nd October 1935) entitled ‘Motor Racing As An Artist Sees It’ he said his first commission for The Motor was at the French Grand Prix at Dieppe in 1908. 

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