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Roy Pike original crash helmet, gloves and photo

A mid 1960s Everoak racing driver’s crash helmet, bespoke, made for the racing driver Roy Pike, together with a pair of his race worn leather and fire retardant gloves.

The item is completed by a rare original portrait photograph of Roy wearing racing overalls and holding the crash helmet – the photograph was taken by ‘Royal’ photographer Patrick Litchfield and bears the Litchfield stamp to the rear.

Roy Pike was an American racing driver, based in London who was the ‘king’ of Formula 3 in the mid 1960s – starting in a Gemini, he subsequently drove for the Chequered Flag Brabham team,  Charles Lucas’ team in Brabhams and Titans, and also  Gold Leaf Team Lotus in a Lotus 59 – he was hugely successful and one of the fastest and smoothest drivers of his era.

Price for all 3 items : £795.00

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