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Reduced price January sale : ‘The Spirit Of Brooklands’ Terence Cueno Signed Print

Wonderful Pint depicting the August Bank Holiday Meeting at Brooklands in 1932, Sir Henry Birkin’s 4.5 litre Bentley versus John Cobb’s 10.5litre Delage, which had once held the World Land Speed Record.

Print number 183/850 Signed by Terence Cueno, Ian Connell, Tom Delany, A.F Rivers Flethcer, George Harvey Noble, ‘Mort’ Morris-Goddall (contemporary Brooklands racers of the time)

Framed and Glazed

Caption under the print says: “August bank holiday meeting at Brooklands 1932. The 3-lap invitation race for 100 Sovereigns between Henry Birkin on the 4 1/2 litre super-charged Bentley and John Cobb in the 12 cylinder 10 1/2 litlre Delage. Birkin won with a final lap at 137.58 mph”

Price: £ 575.00 – now £495

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