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SOLD – Signed John Cobb Small Photograph


A vintage signed postcard photograph, which is a great image of Cobb seated in the cockpit of his land speed record car.

Signed with his name alone in dark fountain pen ink to a light area of the image.

Following the Second World War, the car – rebranded Railton Mobil Special – was taken back to Bonneville in 1947, where on 16th September, he set a new record of 394.196 miles per hour over 1 mile, and 393.8 mph over 1 kilometre. His speed on the return run exceeded 400 mph. The record was to be unbeaten for almost 25 years.

The Railton Special, designed by Reid Railton, and built at Thomson & Taylor’s at Brooklands, had a lightweight aluminium teardrop-shaped body, & was powered by twin twelve-cylinder Napier Lion aero engines, developing 2,500 b.h.p.

John Cobb sadly died on Lochness in 1952 whilst attempting to set a new water speed record

Wonderful Condition

Measures: approx 5.5″ x 3.5″

Price: £375.00

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